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Dec 1, 2013 11:00am PST
called taiwan model united nations development association. what are his functions. what kind of program has offered to the people in taiwan. on today's program where can i get to have missed it till the trunk least the founding president of the taiwan model un development association to share with us his experiences in pokemon theme the experiences in taiwan will come over to the keeper yes i consider that the team to probe and tell you what miller lot of people don't know what the taiwan model united nations development association. it's a new cave is a little bit on this background of functions and the pope and the office turned course. well like the name suggests. our main goal is to spread among the conditions the activity and the spirit behind this activity in taiwan. it started roughly i would say baby. called over twelve years ago when i was still in college he allah was a college freshman. there was this club and it's very early in figures and tied up national taiwan university called the model un club at that time were the only club of that nature in taiwan japan every year. we
Nov 29, 2013 2:00pm PST
away. >> don't go away. >> welcome back. the united nations is drawing attention to the plight of children caught up in the syrian conflict. >> it estimates some 3 million people have fled syria, most of them into neighboring countries. amongst the refugees, children are the most vulnerable with an uncertain and precarious future. >> of dillow goes begging for stale bread to sell as bird feed. that's how the 13-year-old helps us family survive at this refugee camp in jordan. the united nations says more than half of all syrian refugee children work instead of going to school. >> child labor is a major problem. unfortunately, because of their social situations, many families send her children out on the streets to perform menial work. >> a new report by the united nations refugee agency is based on interviews with 270 children. its title -- the future of syria, refugee children in crisis. the findings are alarming. many of the children have been orphaned. nearly a third are so traumatized that they do not make their shelters more than once a week. other children form gangs, reac
Nov 25, 2013 4:30pm PST
at the united nations plaza as the new home of the recreational headquarters. it's a great day one we've been waiting for. today's event is the historic corner stone that celebrates the vintage building into a 21st century workplace. we have a number of guests. today's speakers are nancy pelosi congresswoman with the house of representatives (clapping) mrs. van with the fester of the general services administration (clapping.) the honorable mayor ed lee at the san francisco. and from hk architects. (clapping.) and crystal-clear barton artist with the cliff barton studio. thank you all for joining us the general services administrations is to deliver the best technology services to the government and american people. critical parts are providing with that,s that preserve the integrity off our historic fats and incorporating the design features all have been integrated. those of us who work here about work in a historically more than building. the m public works will homicide a place in his. at the history it dates back to 17952 when it was commissions to design is a new this. this federal bui
Nov 25, 2013 7:00pm PST
to seventy percent of women will experience sexual or physical violence during their lifetime. united nations and violence against women. david chance for us kids discover that while we answer may lie in the way we raise boys to the man will be talking about. in the false and death today. start the hour or so in the newsroom on a busy news monday it's a low once again to an atm. thank you from top to cover let's take a look at what's making headlines this hour in the united nations announced as the series capital position was that as time attend peace talks in geneva. the french foreign minister says eu sanctions on iraq. as early as next month as part of a new trade deal which will house. the second and thousands of being taken to the streets of bangkok pulling that has the highest part of the stuff. washington is calling on all stock stir fry them up. top story and united nations is syria's capital position will for the very best to attend his talks in geneva on jenny twenty second of the u n america and russia have been trying for months to get both sides to create a political solution to
Al Jazeera America
Nov 30, 2013 2:00pm EST
the flood of people fleeing all the violence. the united nations said 2.2 million syrian versus left the country. more than 200,000 are now in iraq, and as winter approaches many are still living in tents. we have reports on what is being done in northern iraq to prepare refugees for the cold. >> it's early morning and the women in this refugee camp prepare food. they've been cooking outdoors since the summer but that will have to end soon because winter has come and with it plunging temperatures and heavy rain. >> i make a special effort to cook every friday a small treat to help forget where we are. but with the rains we won't be able to do this for much longer. even this small treat will be taken away from us. >> reporter: preparations to get this camp ready for winter are well under way. drainage systems are put in place to make sure the camp doesn't flood. from the u.n. refugee agency said although things are on track they have a long way to go. >> we will support the international community with the needs for the winter. >> reporter: there is a huge difference between having a
Al Jazeera America
Nov 30, 2013 11:00am EST
are forcing refugees to other countries. the united nations estimate 2.2 million people have fled syria and taken up refugee in other countries. more than a third of them are in lebanon. many are in camps such as one al jazeera visited. >> reporter: we're at a tented settlement in lebanon. they dot the landscape along the border are syria. people live in miserable conditions and they may be safe, they no longer have to face the violence in syria but we're warning of the danger to come, and that is the cold. in this region temperatures drop below zero and you can see people barely have anything. the grouped is all--the ground is all mud and the plastic sheetings do not provide shelter when the rain starts. just look around. just a few weeks ago there was rain and the whole area was flooded. people are worried. they're calling on the international community to help them. but the international community can only do so much. and the lebanese government can only do so much. they have to deal with their own economic problems. this is how people live, sometimes four to five families just in on
Nov 27, 2013 5:00am PST
united nations committee has adopted a resolution to protect the rights to the seat external forces they dance it follows reports that the us eavesdrop on foreign leaders including those who still a gemini with the first time in the framework of the united nations. this resolution on a politically states. did the same rights that people have offline also be protected online with coordinate with sadness tinged ground to limit it to simon russia often leaking information about the nsa surveillance activities. his revelations had won him support base in the us and abroad. the un presentation is expected to be adopted by the general assembly next month. also as he's in sentosa back yet have spent the inauguration of far right nationalist not in court stefano often locals protested to concede the election. since the weekend's cohen and ninety candlelit vigil has been held mainly by stevens said to me he's in which commemorates the back his fight against fascism. first day but it was surprise like it was a huge surprise in it sunday night is going to paint them for centuries. but now a gi
Nov 26, 2013 9:30am PST
and a accomplishment and to close in the second world war ii you, you know, 50 nations came together to find the united nations. at the as accident aid epidemic ladies and gentlemen of the jury, people came together here to make sure the crisis would not be go forward holding a decade-long vigil in the names millions with hiv and aids. this is the place where the struggles and poster of many of our fellow americans lived through this. i'm excited to be here not because of the un (laughter) but it's since the great depression this historic building stood empty. once again in dark and uncertain times this nation invited in our times and it's - a massive commitment by president obama to put people back to work and reclaim our future. the recovery act modernized this structure providing seismic ubtdz u upgrades and a having more focus sustainable designs to meet the pat numb design. and soon nearly after 6 empty years eyed nations will bring federal workers in the mid-market area and to ignite all the commitment. with the recovery act and the partnership with the federal government and the local leaders ma
Al Jazeera America
Nov 23, 2013 10:00pm EST
that iran is abiding by these terms and that will be carried out by united nations watchdog. phil has been watching this as it's been breaking this evening. phil talk about the fact that iran is insisting that it's right to enrich u rai uranium is allowed in this agreement where that may not be exactly clear. >> it's a very interesting way of deal with that issue, johnathan. >> whawhat it appears they have done is not put it in the actual agreement any mention of a right. but apparently there is worlding referring to the non-proliferation treaty. which iran is a signaturor to. and within that there is the rights of iran to continue on it's nuclear program. it's interesting on how they dealt with this. we expected something of that nature to dodge that bullet by not addressing the elephant in the room. that is what seal seems to have happened. this does not contradict what we heard president obama saying he said certain levels of enrichment. when you get higher in enrich manenrichment you get closer toa weapons-grade. these are not mutually exclusive statements. it's been very interesting t
FOX News
Nov 23, 2013 7:00pm PST
obligations to the international community. so my administration worked with congress, the united nations security council and countries around the world to impose unprecedented sanctions on the iranian government. these sanctions have had a substantial impact on the iranian economy and with the election of a new iranian president earlier this year, an opening for diplomacy emerged. i spoke personally with president rowhani of iran earlier this fall. secretary kerry has met multiple times with iran's important minister and we have pursued diplomacy bilatly and with our partners, the united kingdom, germa germany, and russia, today that opened up a future in which we can verify that iran's nuclear program is peaceful and that it cannot build a nuclear weapon. today's announcement is just a first step, it achieves a great deal. for the first time in nearly a decade we have halted the progress of the iranian nuclear program and key parts of the program will be rolled back. iran has committed to halting certain levels of enrichment and neutralizing part of its stock piles. iran cannot use its
Al Jazeera America
Nov 30, 2013 4:00pm EST
. it increased the momentum. the opposition parties are united and will set up what they call a national resistance headquarters, and have called for a general strike across the ukraine. >> the protesters cleared from independence square found sank tu air yair at the site of st michael's cathedral. a monnestry demolished and rebuilt when ukraine gained independence 22 years ago. >> we were holding back the police for about four minutes before they overpowered us. we were defenseless against weapons and shields. i was hit on the head, and put my arms up. it didn't help. >> i was beaten and kicked. it was the most brutal thing i have experienced. >> translation: tomorrow will be a hot and hard day for all of ukraine if the police break protests and blood is spilt on the streets, ukraine will be plunged into civil war. >> the jer is -- the anger is swelling. >> vice president joe biden heads to tokyo on monday. high on the agenda growing tensions in asia. relations has been growing over who controls a group of islands in the east china sea. china demands any pilots identify themselves befo
Nov 27, 2013 8:00am PST
, spokesperson for the united nations high commissioner for human rights criticized the measure. >> the high commissioner is warning that a new law regulating demonstrations in egypt, which was announced on sunday, could lead to serious breaches of the right to freedom she states assembly unequivocally that for a range of reasons, the law should the amended. of particular concern are provisions on use of force and law enforcement officials and the insects of -- and the excessive sanctions including prison sentences that can impose on those under breach of the law. >> protests continue in honduras over the contested presidential election. right-wing ruling kinetic party has named his transition team after election officials said he had any reversible lead in the vote. the supporters of his challenger to the wife of ousted president manuel zelaya, have denounced the result is fraudulent. hundreds of students took to the street of the capital tuesday where they faced teargas from riot police. a student activist rejected the results of the election. we the students are here to protest the electi
Nov 30, 2013 8:01am EST
a logistics officer from the united nations who which oversees health care and emergencies. certainly it had to be in their mandate. we have a request to go to khartoum every day. we took every request we couldn't operate. i know it is sad. we can said this president. cannon house office building as girl to free how we tell the next 6 person we can't fly them? shouldn't we be flying sick people to khartoum for treatment? shouldn't that be part of our job? we are here to save lives and reduce suffering, aren't we? we can't save everyone. he had a point as did everyone else. i may have been wildly naive. i can understand their argument in the abstract. my personal relationship with negative was clearing my logic. the food items, a few bars of soap, overcrowded schools, when stand up to malpractice lawsuits at home. this is the sum total of the humanitarian operation. this is the best we could do? with all the resources spent on getting this year, tracking the surround a foreign land, don't even bother. that this one go he instructed me over dinner one night. it won't happen so you what should
Nov 26, 2013 6:00pm EST
comments on that aspect of it. thank you. to may be like somewhat bring that united nations into this. when i was ambassador to the on thed was briefed situation, it was a total basket case. they told one sanctuary in the middle of the countries capital. criminals of all kinds control the rest of the country. within several years time, they are keeping force with help of the british and reestablish control the entire country. there are couple of other good examples. recently heard about this intervention force being sent into the eastern congo. it is a force with more than a peacekeeping mandate. my point would be, there would be a certain amount of condensation towards the capabilities and the utilities of the u.n. mr. rumsfeld started thinking, how do we get some cash out -- how do we get out of some of this heavy stuff we got into? the cost of fracture would it cost to deploy u.s. force. it is an order of magnitude. be how muchwould time do we or should we spend institutionstor in like that united nations into our defense cluster? how much do we think about outsourcing? question. it seem
Nov 25, 2013 10:00pm EST
to the united nations, let
Nov 23, 2013 7:30pm PST
in this 6-month face. >>> you are listening to the united nation halting progress with iran using centrofug es. the president called the limitations and musers moves on sanctions a first step to prevent iran from building nuclear weapons. we will have more on the 10:00 news. >>> charges against san jose students should be elevated to felonies. there is a campus protest scheduled monday like this one thursday. they face hate crime charges and battery. the white roommates put a lock around his neck. three defendants are due in court in january. just after 6:00 this morning there were gun shots. they found a man in his 20s with gun shot wounds. he was pronounced dead at the scene. >>> a 76-year-old man was killed trying to help out after an accident on the freeway. a car stalled just before 1:00. a man in a corvette was struck and killed by a toyota corola. the chp has no word of an arrest. >>> the highway patrol at 3:25 in the morning one passenger was killed. the coroner identified a man of visalia as under the influence. they released a picture of a teenager who hasn't been seen since l
Nov 26, 2013 10:00am PST
historically on the united nations first it's be packed our country with the rest of the world. 24 is history and to them showcase this building respectfully and to see the plaza this g s a building compliment the work we're doing with center market street and right now 3 years later after the groundbreaking we have 15 companies to relocate here we have 5 thousand residential unit being built in the 3 block radius and a 26 percent of them are going to be affordable. we want to create opportunity to work and live in the city to be creative and to be include in the economic opportunities here. so i'm working with anyone else technology companies but companies that decided to move into mid-market even without the innovative of a tax exemption and 3 of the company's said we're coming because of the talent here in the city. i know they're to be matched with the talent of the people in g s a. we've wanted to work outside of our bureaucracies. this is the new government we're producing here locally and we want to match that we have great partner like our libraries and museums and we're going to comp
Nov 24, 2013 7:30am PST
building at the united nations plaza as the new home of the recreational headquarters. it's a great day one we've been waiting for. today's event is the historic corner stone that celebrates the vintage building into a 21st century workplace. we have a number of guests. today's speakers are nancy pelosi congresswomawi
Nov 28, 2013 6:00pm EST
. iran has provided the united nations nuclear agency permission to inspect the plant next month. the yuan has accepted the offer which comes after a landmark deal to between iran and six world powers including the u.s. >> north korea may be trying to nuclearan aging reactor. the international atomic energy agency has seen indicators including steam and water. north korea said it would not give up its nuclear ambitions until it ends what north korea calls hostile u.s. policies. ona police involved shooting eb street in brunswick. investigators say the confrontation with an intoxicated man led to the shooting. the man pointed a gun at an officer. the officer fired six rounds. the officer is on paid administrative leave while the shooting is under investigation. baltimore'sund near inner harbor identified as that of a missing d.c. woman. the -- heissing from went missing from fells point september 23. no details on how he could've died at this time. an accident that took the life of a construction worker. mcdonnellvernor bob talks about his future and what's ahead for him. >> on th
Nov 24, 2013 6:30pm PST
united nations report indicates that the thoughtful concocted nation has hit the record high as international force is effectively the country with this and that profits will go to was not still keen for pollard a candidate for president election next year article go to shul for the dubious go for opium and in the gun the stunt is higher than ever. according to a new report with the un office on drugs and crime the two thousand to thirteen he is. then he has witnessed an awesome record opium cooper basin in the sky and stomped on nine thousand texas. as the year of the pirate jokes. reportedly instructed such as high opium prices and the lack of gumbo to go to to tackle the problem. a big shock to explode say is good since the trilogy of foreign troops pulled back ahead of next year's control. as the one stall off because of its overt areas of production the cia to visit with them putting them into balls and into a whim i can say is the ward has a choice to make who needs to make show that the international and regional communities at the nesties time to make a big choice tod
Nov 27, 2013 5:30am PST
's aspects china's ambassador to the united nations uga he said it is all china's legitimate right to defend its aspects. beats the national league east indies the lights off. every country school. defends its airspace and also to make top bets on its territory meet at the its sovereignty. ah safeguard it. this is a normal arrangements and i think the spokes person from the defence ministry off china has already made that very clear i think you can check with that statement i find all to know why it's the right of china and the key to the pizza rights full full full countries to make true love that site its sovereignty and is as space is safe. china's foreign ministry says the establishment of the air defense identification zone is not targeted at any country. the foreign ministry spokesman was responding to a report that japan will set up an air defense identification zone. in response. what a meal. to tell you i do not have any official information along to stress that china's practised establish its air defense identification zone is accepted international practice in that it is as it dri
Dec 1, 2013 4:25am EST
partnership, were joining with countries across the region world bank, united nations, and world bank, united nations, and others to advance reforms to , promote more opportunities for women to participate in the political and economic life of their countries. in burma, cambodia, thailand, vietnam, where helping women and their countries better manage natural resources and respond to pandemics and promote educational reform and improve food security. finally, we will do more to help sustainable growth by protecting the environment and conserving asia's natural resources when implementing measures to help communities adapt to the impact of climate change. we are redoubling efforts to protect wildlife and endangered species. our planet, as we know, is a non-renewable source. it supports some 7 billion people. half of them in the asia- pacific. we have a duty to those who will inherit this earth to put in place practices that will sustain and improve life for future generations. i would like to end today by highlighting a place for all of these elements -- is security, alliances, economic ties,
Nov 25, 2013 11:00am PST
after that brief the netanyahu went to the united nations for its beach one that he gives every year in which she really blasted the year review received calls from honey a wolf in sheep's clothing. and it became pretty clear that whatever president obama had said to him in their conversations earlier the week hadn't done much with speeches and sermons israel says the deal is a historic mistake but for now the winds seems to be persuaded that tehran's insistence that its media interest is only in peaceful energy production and medical research should be tested distance runner assembly has voted for the crucial security deal with the us to allow american troops to stay in the country after nato forces leave in two thousand fourteen the decision of the assembly has a winter coat which consists of about two thousand five hundred tribal elders and religious leaders has been met with skepticism by afghan president who presided the city and state schools to bring peace to afghanistan before he signed a bilateral security agreement signed in pieces only condition to this agreement america s
Nov 26, 2013 5:30am PST
eight years of civil war in syria the united nations has finally announced the dice for a long delayed peace conference in geneva the international discussion will begin on gender in twenty seconds. the la temple not the first time leaders of both sides have all the conflict of mess that the negotiating table. decals for my somewhat murky. more correspondence that the un in new york stephen king the last month with a forest time the syrian government and opposition to meet at the door she thinking when he stepped off the fat tuesday speaking to reporters the united nations headquarters secretary general on the moon says the goal of the talks is to establish a transitional government with full control over security forces. this piece on the shuffle. people that go beyond the stand the geneva conference is that the crew for peace for tradition that refuse to meet the aspirations of or the cmp for freedom and eighteenth he'd send me your breakthrough toward its displaced millions and killed more than a hundred thousand people. previous attempts to cling to board factions together have fa
Nov 29, 2013 4:30am PST
it really exists. i don't put my shoes and every time since. our group of united nations excellence is questioning the tradition of my beats saying it has its roots in the days of slavery they say it's no longer politically correct and should be done away with none of the bath with him why was this tradition. even if the new black people didn't know until the islands there are thinking isn't this the best white people in. the i cannot lie. i don't see it. i'm going to get them. all this on to the un axed but has been staged a protest today to buy seats that fold the clothes made his grand entrance. to demonstrate to see the figures as a symbol of discrimination all the fullest not just with the guardian and even filed a complaint with the european court of human rights. it's sth. daria hosts a weekly talk show on a multicultural radio station. the main topic today is awesome. but the audio also says a few words about the santa claus parade. for two weeks to figure that the is connected to a court has to because the timeframe in which it was concocted. eighteen twenty eight eighteen
Nov 29, 2013 7:00am PST
of the united nations assistance mission in afghanistan. john called its present in the tub i've said that context and is willing to support afghanistan to various projects aimed at the moment of the country including training afghan students. the parties discussed the issues of economic recovery of the country in security in the region. they also discussed the main directions of cooperation between kazakhstan and united nations when fernando has been in a position on high for mr president about the preparations for the elections presidential elections will be held in april next year. we discussed the problems from the standpoint of regional interest neighboring countries including certain threats posed by terrorists in drug dealers. i was very glad to hear the cars extent ready to help pass the torch is due to presume it was most appropriate photos to an eternity still feel the medical business. the gdp growth has extent stands at five point eight percent the ministry of economy and budget planning unit block the site reports. be sure that this growth will reach six percent as it was
Nov 30, 2013 10:00am PST
on the region's a doctor's agrees it is best to leave out the earrings that she thinks the united nations get in foal was overdoing it she's a big thomas nicholas having even written a reference book about it. she says she can relate. they will stay is over losing technicians. it's so close to each other and they don't want or have other people saying well you should stop it's an especially when it's on foreigners this even more it difficult to say it's like the spanish with them fights of the bowls and a bull fights and it spends people don't want other people to stay a while you'll have to stop it. he has already made himself stance on saddam streets. last year he was because of the strings of festive lights this year he's banished. the mother of mine a victory for the ante by the protest is. the probe by the crowd causing loss of support. this facebook page is called the tt. tom on the dutch was the petition it's right up over two million likes. it says we want to keep upright bass and anyone who doesn't like him to leave. some fear that questioning the tradition could play into the towns
Nov 30, 2013 10:00pm PST
the world, according to the united nations. in athens public health officials hand out clean needle as a preventative measure against hiv transmission. while the head of un aid says great progress has been made in bringing down the price of hiv medication over the years, spread of the virus continues to rise many some places. >> for example, in central asia and in eastern europe we have seen a 13% increase in the number of infections since 2006. >> nearly 30 million people have died of aids since the disease emerged in the early '80s. >>> new develops to tell you about in animal abuse case that shocked many people in san francisco. animal controller officers say this is the man who threw those two cats into the bay, where at least one drowned. they are asking for your help to get his name. officers spent hours going over surveillance video from around the embarcadero when they got a break, the hyatt had a run-in with the suspect and witnesses confirmed, this is the man. >> she knew without a doubt she could identify this man if we showed a picture and sure enough, when we showed
Nov 28, 2013 5:30pm PST
-rich country like iran. >> holly williams in istanbul, thank you. iran today invited united nations nuclear inspectors to view a reactor they had not been able to see the last two years. it shows iran is making good on promises to open sites that were previously off limits. there is news tonight far from earth. a comet from the ends of our solar system had astronomers holding their breath today as it headed for a close encounter with the sun. lee cowan shows us what happened. >> reporter: comet ison is a visitor from the outer-most edge of our solar system air, frozen ball of water and dust, make a beeline for our sun for more than five million years. today, it finally arrived. nasa images show ison coming within 730,000 miles of the sun's surface. that's not a hospitable place for anything, and as the moment arrived, astronomers watching from all over the world gathered online to see what would happen. to carl batem, a comet analyst, it did not look good. >> it seems the comet ison probably hasn't survived this journey. i'm not seeing anything that emerged from behind. >> reporter: about t
Al Jazeera America
Nov 25, 2013 2:00pm EST
bickering has the luxury of time many living here do not. the united nations says almost half of syrians are depend on aid to survive. just over 2 million have fled syria, many of them live in refg examples irefgrefugees camps. >> we were riding our bikes when we saw the activist. he said i want to film you. when we were filming, the shelling occurred. we didn't get hurt. my mother started crying. >> my mother also cried. >> if political pressure paved the way for a safe individuals, then why can't the same be done for the medical aid the people of syria definitely need, stephanie decker, dges had. >>> president obama is trying to get the congress to tackle the issue of immigration reform, senate passed a bill earlier this year but the house wanted to deal with the issue in smaller steps. right now there are no plans to hold any votes. >>> there are new developments in connection to the ohio high school remain case. -- rape case. >>> the ohio state's attorney says four individuals have been charged now. among the charges: failing to report child abuse and tampering with evidence. >> thi
Al Jazeera America
Nov 30, 2013 6:00pm EST
for more summer and winters. >> earlier today we talked to a spokesman for the united nation who told us about the difficulties it faces trying to keep families warm. >> i was in iraq where we brought in extra soil to create platforms for the tents. we are putting down plastic sheeting. we are putting down layers of plywood and then putting in the tent. we are giving people carpets to create an insulated lair in the tept. these are only layers effectively on top of the earth. it's a scant development to help people get through the winter, but, indeed, the way the crisis is developing in the third winter of syria's war, we will be expected to see the 2.2 million refugees we have joined by more, and for the crisis to endure. it is necessary for countries to think of more developed situations or the children and their families. >> we are tackling everything at once. we are providing additional tents, plastic sheeting to go over the tents, to keep them drier. we are providing people with caravans, prefabricated containers, which is an ideal solutions. the authorities in some parts of iraq do
Nov 24, 2013 10:55pm EST
.e. here that you work with united nations at the moment. is that correct? >> i do, yes. >> i used to work for the united nations. i spent eight years in indonesia and i spent three months in haiti. without cynicism and personal observations talk about countries that have crossed my heart as a delight. it's very interesting to mix important information with delightful personal observations [inaudible] [laughter] if not now, maybe in your future. congratulations. >> thank you. >> i think that you are to be commended for the effort you've put in. but more than a decade of experience, if you wave a magic wand and make something in that industry different what would that be? >> i think there would be two things. one of them i touched on with a question about putting affected people at the heart of the response and if i could do it -- if you could redo humanitarian aid from scratch, making effective people post local governments, local society, the ones who have fallen onto the response, and not a top-down western or northern, you know, response where we know the solutions and we are coming in
Nov 26, 2013 12:00am EST
shared his vision in this land and abroad, he had said two months ago to the united nations, let us complete what we have started for as the scripttures tell us, no man who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of god. at this time of sorrow and burden, he would have us remember the passages from joshua and isaiah, he had used in accepting the presidential nomination. be strong and of good courage. be not afraid neither be thou dismayed. shall renew their strength. they shall point with wings of eagle and run and not be weary. finally, in his last hours, president kennedy had prepared these words for dallas and for the nation, the rich -- righteous of our clause must always underlie our strength. for as was written long ago, accept the lord, guard the city, the guard watches in vain. the following is one of his favorite passages from scripture from the book of aclose -- the third chapter. there's an appointed time for everything, and a time for every affair under the heaives. d "issue" heavens. a time to be born, and a time to die, a time to plant and a tim
Nov 30, 2013 5:30pm PST
cardinal timothy dolan, archbishop of new york. >>> we turn to the crisis in syria now. the united nations said the civil war there is damaging a generation of children. the latest numbers explain why. more than a million children are refugees. three-quarters of them under 12. almost 400,000 of them have wound up in lebanon. for many as nbc's ayman mohyeldin tells us, childhood is becoming a thing of the past. >> reporter: it's early morning but these children aren't going to school. they are syrian refugees headed to farm fields in lebanon. cold and underdressed, a fire is all that keeps them warm until their work day begins. hours on their feet, painstakingly lifting and dumping bucketloads of vegetables. they are now the breadwinners for their family of nine. we had no choice, maria says. we don't have proper blankets or canned food. once schoolkids, they are now child laborers. they don't have places for us to go to school here. eight organizations are trying to help, but life in lebanon is hard for the young refugees. some looked at first like kids at summer camp -- dancing, drawing,
Nov 25, 2013 2:30pm PST
for having me. >> on the heels of those negotiations with high ran today the united nations announced a new round of peace talks in sierra. they'll start on the 22nd on january. for months the united states and russia have been trying to have a follow-up. the syrian government and the opposition will name delegates before the end of the year. the united states reiterated the goal of bringing new leadership. in thailand the prime minister has invoked special powers. he was responding to a second day of demonstrations in the capital by tens of thousands of people calling for her government the to resign. in response, the u.s. has called for restraints on both sides. we have this report. >> it began a month ago here burst out into new areas of the city today targeting ministries television stations and here the police headquarters. their goal to force the government to resign. as too often in thailand's recent past, the police tried to avoid confrontation. once again, the hood in thailand is heated and unpredictable. they're trying to disrupt the government's world as muc
Nov 29, 2013 3:30pm PST
by telephone during president rouhani's visit to new york during the united nations general assembly. so i'm confident that our government is doing all it can to get amir out. the real question is whether we can trust iran to live up to this agreement and one tangible proof, point of proof that we can trust them is if they take a step toward the global community by releasing amir and the other prisoners that are being held. >> this must be a positive step, a different outreach coming out of tehran in a number of different ways. have any indications been communicated to you through the white house or the state department in terms of a reaction from the iranian government? are they open to at least talking about your brother-in-law's case? are they giving any positive signals that give you renewed hope here? >> well, i know from my point of view, i'm confident that ongoing direct communication during the current nuclear negotiations include sidebar discussions about amir and about the other americans being held. i think there's reason for us to have some hope and optimism but the real questi
Al Jazeera America
Nov 24, 2013 7:30pm EST
the united nations have released a call for more insect farming worldwide. >> a lot of entomologists are studying why eating bugs are so good. and how to introduce it to the main stream society. though believthey believe bugs y critic it icrickets are the fut. >> you can take ten pounds of grain and feed a cow and you get one pound. and you take the same amount for crickets and you get eight or nine pounds. with the global population growing the demand for meat products is expected to double. you try to over come eating a cricket or grasshopper. something you have been trained since birth to get this grasshopper out of th out of myf it's going to be like sushi and a new culinary experience and the as moackets o aspect of flys in the hands of the choafs. che. he buys his crickets from a cricket farm. we are one of the few countries that really don't eat insects. if it caught on on the human side it would grow significantly fast. >> what and i listening to here? >> they are rubbing their wings together. the big misconception is that it comes from their legs but it doesn't, it comes fro
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